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From fashion to games, the world of wearables is heating up. Artifact Technology is pushing the boundaries by taking NFTs into the real world, we make custom wearables for your NFT collection.

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Introducing the Artifact Keychain, the world's first NFT keychain & the perfect way to display your NFT's

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Get your very own Artifact jacket and be the star of the metaverse today!

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The Future of Wearable NFTs

Making it easy and fun to show off the NFTs you can now bring it into the physical world & close to your heart.

NFT wearables are going to be a key mechanism for driving the love for NFTs in the metaverse. Wearable NFTs are exactly that - wearable. They are the virtual wardrobe for your virtual life. Just like the hats, jackets, jeans, sunglasses, and sneakers you wear every day, so too will your avatar. 
Ready to stand out as one of the first to wear NFT digital artwork? Express yourself and make your avatar more unique.

 This is a new way to express yourself and it’s walking art, which is what is so awesome about this. You can take your keychain to an event, and you can show off your digital artwork and it’s a status symbol.

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Idea Behind the Keychain

When I bought my first NFT I immediately wanted a way to show off my new art with the world while also being fashionable.

People couldn't really see my NFT on my Apple Watch or phone and there was no way to verify the NFT was mine. The idea of wearables exclusively for verifying and displaying NFTs was born.

How Does It Work?

The keychain gives users the ability to display their digital artwork as a wearable item. Making it easy and fun to show off NFTs, you can now bring yours into the physical world.

Connect via Wi-Fi using a secure connection to your digital art galleries via Arti App
This app is exclusively made to connect to your online galleries. Upgrading in the near future to rent/sell advertising space.

NFTs are the Future

We are excited to present this product as pushing forward a small part of the narrative that NFTs are the future for digital art, marketing, branding, and the intersection between art and finance.

We truly believe that this keychain will be able to onboard many new people into the NFT space, and its utility will span across many industries from healthcare to digital marketing and everything in between.


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