The Future of Wearable NFTs

NFTs are here. They’re no longer in the outer limits. Specifically, art and collectible NFTs have gone mainstream with astonishing speed. People are identifying with NFTs on a personal level and ownership says something about the user
's identity.

Fashion NFT wearables are just scratching the surface today. Artifact Technology is pushing the boundaries by taking NFTs into the real world with custom wearables for your NFT collection.

Here are some use cases for your new Artifact wearable.
More and more features will come available as upgrades are made.

With your new Artifact wearable, you will be able to:
Access your membership pass so you can show the world your favorite projects and advertise new ones, in real life
Early access, not only to the events, but to advertising & collaborations.
Your wearable can serve as part of the event memorabilia.
Unlock access to the influencers at the events
Bid directly on the marketplace, giving you access to advertise on influencers wearables.
Discounts & special pricing on new products and wearables.
Artifact Technology communities where you can gather, chat, and flash your new NFTs
Healthcare, advertising, social media, influence and so much more is in the works for your Artifact wearables

This is a new way to express yourself and it’s  a walking art piece. You can take your wearable to an event, and you can show off your digital artwork and it’s a status symbol. NFT wearables are going to be a key mechanism for driving the love for NFTs in the metaverse.
Express yourself and make your avatar more unique.
Ready to stand out as one of the first to wear NFT digital artwork?
We can't wait to see how you look in your new wearable!

Pre-Sale Launch Is Live!

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