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Artifact Keychain Features

Nft Casting (Jpeg, Gif, Mp4)

6 Hours Battery Life

Wi-Fi  Enabled

Secure Wallet Verification

Keychain Password Protected

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What is Artifact Keychain

Introducing the world's first digital keychain accessory, which gives users the ability to display digital artwork as a wearable item. These are specifically used to display NFTs from your online digital galleries. Connect via Wi-Fi to your digital art galleries and display your artwork using this fashion accessory. Artifact Technology is bringing digital artwork and fashion together.

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NFT wearables are going to be a key mechanism for driving the love for NFTs in the metaverse.
Wearable NFTs are exactly that - wearable. They are the virtual wardrobe for your virtual life. Just like the hats, jackets, jeans, sunglasses, and sneakers you wear every day, so too will your avatar.
Ready to stand out as one of the first to wear NFT digital artwork?

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The Journey

Road Map

Presale Of The Artifact Nft

Accessory DropsGlobal Public Presale Will Begin In January 2022 For A Limited Time- Buy With USD Or Crypto And Confirm Your Wallet Address To Receive Your FREE Artifact NFT Which Will Be Redeemable For The Artifact Keychain When Ready For Shipping- This NFT May Be Traded On The Secondary Market Prior To Redemption. Hold Onto This NFT After Redemption For Special Benefits Available Only To Artifact NFT Holders.

Collaborations Announced (Possible Mint Of Special Edition Accessorie)

Artifact Nft Holders Get Verified On Artifact Marketplace As Nft Collectors And/or Nft Projects (beta Version) (display Nft Galleries Here From Various Marketplaces- Verified Collectors Or Projects Can Advertise Or Promote Nft Projects- Ability Connect To Artifact Accessory).

Redeeming Keychain

UpdatesManufacturer Accessory Updates- Delivery Date - Artifact Marketplace Web App And Mobile App Updates - Second Collection Announced.

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